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Amazing Thailand Road Show to Indonesia 2023
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Amazing Thailand Road Show to Indonesia 2023

16 January 2023- Jakarta, Indonesia

18 January 2023- Medan, Indonesia


**This event is reserved for Thai Sellers only**


Registration will be available on 7 November 2022 (10.00 hrs. onwards).




Sellers qualification:

1. Participants must have a valid authorized business license.

2. The company’s SHA+ Certificate

3. The company’s sustainable/responsible or environmental activities by sending the evidence to email [email protected] (Optional)

          3.1 Certificates, awards and badges

from 2017 to the present, such as the Green Hotel/Green Leaf Hotel/Booking/badge/no single-use plastic hotel/Thailand Tourism Awards, etc.

3.2 Show evidence of at least 3 of the following:

1. CSR Project related to sustainable/eco/green;

2. Recycling bins available around the property;

3. Green spaces available on the property;

4. Reduce the use of electricity (by motion sensors or other technologies);         

5. Water conservation/water efficiency;

6. Supporting the locals (e.g., using local suppliers for ingredients, managing

tours and activities with the local people or small communities);

7. Provide guests with insights into the history, culture, heritage, and

local ecosystem background of the area or community;

*8. Any other supporting evidence of eco-sustainable related activities.*



Application Conditions:


1. This event can accommodate 30 Thai sellers. Participants from each company must not exceed two.

2. Application for Thai Sellers is available from 7 November and extend to 16 December, 2022  or until fully booked with the first come first served basis based on payment.

3. Participants must join the event in 2 cities, otherwise, your participation will be denied.

4. The application process will not be available once the space is fully booked.

5. No refundable for any cancellation

6. No change of exhibitor’s name after 16 December, 2022


How to register:


1. All sections of this application form must be completed.

(Login to your TTVM account and select “Join Now”)


2. The application form is strictly treated on a first-come-first-served basis and will only be considered complete when the application fee is paid.

3. Please make payment within 7 days after receiving the payment detail. Once you have paid the application fee, please submit an evidence of payment to TAT by email [email protected]


**TAT does not assume, and expressly disclaims, any liability, direct or indirect, to you or any person, for your health and wellness, which occurs from COVID-19 or any infectious diseases, or any damages or injury caused by any failure of performance or incidental accidents. We disclaim any responsibilities for diagnosis and medical care expenses, or any expenses for health treatments.**


APPLICATION FEE:  THB 10,000 for one company/ maximum of 2 delegates for 2 events in 2 cities.

 *No refundable for any cancellation. (Including any cause of travel rejection)*


Event Timeline:

Registration – 7 November and extend to 16 December, 2022  or Until Fully Booked.

Deadline Payment – Within 7 days of receiving a payment detail.


For more information, please contact:

Mr. Yutthakan Tel. 02 250 5500 ext. 1244

Or Miss Preeyakon Jongchansitto Tel. 02 250 5500 ext. 1239

Email: [email protected] 

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Amazing Thailand Road Show to Indonesia 2023

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