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Amazing Thailand Road Show to India 2018

Venue :
Jaipur / Kolkata / Chennai / Indore
Schedule :
Aug 29, 31, Sep 03, 05, 2018

1. All sections of this application form must be completed.
2. Applicant must submit a copy of tourism business license or hotel license and business registration license via email:, within 5 days after application and before making a payment. If not the system will eliminate your application form.
3. The payment must be done within 1 week after e-mail of payment process is sent to applicant.
4. Once you have paid the contribution fee, please submit an evidence of payment to TAT by fax or e-mail. Then confirmed status will appear.
5. The application form is strictly treated on a first-come-first-served basis and will only be considered complete when the application fee is paid.
6. No refundor change of exhibitor's name after August 10th, 2018.
7. The applicationdeadline is on August 15th, 2017. However, TAT reserves the right to end the application process when the space is fully booked.
8. For Amazing Thailand Road Show to India 2018, the reserved space for Thailand Stand will be able to accommodate 20 tables.
9. All participants will travel at their own expense (Air ticket, Accommodation, Transportation, VISA, etc.)
10. Participants from each company must not exceed two.
11. Please note that the provided information will be treated as confidential and is used for internal reference ONLY.
12. Participants who would offer lucky draw prizes, please send prizes’ information/details along with your company’s logo and photos in advance at least one week before the day of the event to E-mail: This will help us to better prepare the prizes as well as present your company’s logo and photos in the lucky draw session. Please kindly notice that late submission may not be included in the session. We would be highly appreciated for your understanding and thank you for your kind cooperation.

THB 40,000 / Organization / 2 co-exhibitors

1. Cash, bank cheque or draft payable only to the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
2. Money Transfer is only accepted once the space for your company is confirmed.
3. For bank details, We will send to you via email.
Contact :
Mr. Sivakorn Hornopparat / Mr. Surasak Suepaiboon

Asean, South Asia and South Pacific Market Division,
12th Floor, Tourism Authority of Thailand 1600 New Phetchburi Road,
Makkasan, Rajthevee, Bangkok 10400
Tel. (66 2) 250 5500 ext. 1250 - 53 Fax. (66 2) 652 8215
Website :