Getting there and away

Which airlines travel to Thailand?

Bangkok Suvarnnabhumi Airport is one of Asia’s important hub therefore most international airlines do travel to Bangkok. There are also other international airport in other cities such as Chiangmai, Phuket, and Samui. The national carrier, Thai International Airways also have frequent flights to 28 countries.

What are the duty free limits for bring cigarettes and alcohol into Thailand?

Cigarettes are limited to not more than 200 cigarettes or cigars and tobacco up to 250 grams.   Alcohol is limited to one litre. 

Which mode of transportation is used to access the Indochina countries and Malaysia?

From Bangkok to Malaysia it is possible to travel by through the southern highway which can be linked all the way from Bangkok through to Malaysia and Singapore. This can be tour package with many stops in different cities.  There are many regular and low cost schedule flight operating between Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Penang.  Another way is through the cruise ship operating between Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. There is also an overnight train operating from Bangkok to the southern border between Thailand and Malaysia. Indochina countries can also be accessed by road, flight, and the Mekhong River crossing.  Vientiane can be easily accessed just a bridge crossing from Nongkhai Province, Thailand. There is a road connecting between Thailand through Cambodia, Laos, and carry on to Vietnam.