Getting around

Is it easy to travel around the country?

Although Thai is widely used, signage in English is widely used. Most Thai’s may not be fluent in English, especially around the countryside but they are eager to help and give direction. There are buses, train, and air transportation leaving from Bangkok linking to other provinces in Thailand. Bangkok provides different mode of transportation including the MRT (metro), BTS (sky train), public buses, and taxi. Taxi operates with a metre and it is advisable for visitors to remind the taxi driver once again that they will turn on their metre during the ride.  Other areas in the provinces offers the more interesting rickshaw or horse drawn carriage for Lampang province.

How to travel to tourist attractions in Bangkok?

The easiest way to join a tour with a local guide who will assist with transportation, explanation, entrance fee and any kind of enquiries. If the visitor would like to travel by themselves then BTS and MRT is very easy to use.  Some tourist attractions are not in the range of the BTS and MRT but there are public buses and taxi is easy to find with affordable price. The Rattanakosin Island or the old part of Bangkok does not have the BTS and MRT coverage.

Is taxi safe?

There are a lot of taxis available in Bangkok streets. It can be called by the telephone or just simple stand on the side of the road and wave to one. The taxi driver sometime does not switch on the metre so it is advisable to make an agreement with the taxi driver that he should switch on the metre during the service.

What are the modes of transportation in Bangkok?

Fastest and most reliable for of public transportation is through the BTS and MRT system. For the routing that BTS or MRT does not cover, taxi is another option but make sure the taxi driver operates their metre. Other form of transportation that also serves as a scenic excursion in itself is through the river and canal boat. There are also public air conditioned and non-air conditioned buses. For short distances, motorcycle taxi is also available. Tuk Tuk is still widely use and it is a novelty for all foreign visitors but prices must be negotiated before the ride. A map of the public transportation usage is available at any leading bookstores.

What are the tour guides like?

All tour guides who are able to legally escort a tour must have a license. Tour guiding profession is only reserved to a Thai citizen in Thailand.  The tour guides in Thailand are specialised to guide in different languages as stated on the guide license which every tour guide is required to wear around their neck at all time. None licensed guides are considered as illegal and not reliable. There are many foreigners of different nationalities who enter into Thailand to acting as an illegal guide. The illegal guides are often over charging visitors and pressuring them to shop for under the table commission.

How long should be spent in Thailand?

With a land area of 513,115, Thailand offers various landscapes with highlands on the pleasantly cool northern plains, agricultural flat central plains, high plateaus of the northeastern plains, long stretches of beach in the eastern region, and bountiful flora and fauna in the south. Due to its various land formation, Thailand offers amazing beaches, mountains, and forests with many activities to suit many types of visitors. Visitors can spend as just a couple of days for Bangkok and doing day excursions to the nearby provinces or take the whole month to travel around the country. This is up to the time and budget available to take a holiday in Thailand. As Thailand is a destination with great value for money, it is possible to extend as a longer holiday program.