Can internet be accessed throughout Thailand?

Internet are made available at hotels and resorts throughout Thailand. Most will have the connection in the room but probably with usage charges. The lobby often provides WI FI connection through the guest’s laptop. There are also internet café which are dotted all around big cities throughout the country. Shopping malls also provide internet café which is charged by the hour.

What is the voltage use in Thailand?

Thailand uses 220 Volts electricity alternating at 50 cycles per seconds. Some plugs has two holes and some with three holes where one is earth. A universal adapter plug is recommended and will the Thai plugs.

Is a local SIM card be used and is easily available?

Mobile phones from any country can be used in Thailand. A local pre-paid SIM card can be purchase at any 7-11 shops for usage in Thailand by simply just changing the original SIM to the local SIM. This number can be given to the ground handling agent, tour guide, or the family at home which can save a lot of money when making or receiving a call.