Are there any tropical diseases that need aware off?

Thailand is situated in the tropics and there are some diseases that everyone need to be cautious to such as diseases that are born from mosquito such as dengue fever and malaria. This is often spread during the monsoon season where day time mosquitoes are the carrier. Visitors may take malaria tablets during their visit or best of all try to avoid insect bites. Malaria however is rare unless in the forest area. Insect repellant can be easily purchased at any supermarket or pharmacy. Visitors who are not used to the water should avoid street side vendors or spicy food for the first few days to get the digestive system to be used to the water and food. Water is safe for drinking and tap water has been purified and clean for brushing the teeth and general usage. With the 2009 swine flu epidemic, hand sanitation gel can be found situated at any public places around the country and free for public use.

What to do if a visitor gets sick?

The reception at each accommodation is generally equipped with basic first aid materials and medication to treat fever, cold, or diarrhea. Hospitals can be easily reached as there are many good private and public hospitals with English speaking team throughout Thailand. Many private hospitals also provide staff with ability to communicate in other languages such as Mandarin, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, etc. It is highly advised that travelers should acquire medical or travel insurance before travelling.