What to bring

What items should be packed for a holiday in Thailand?

Thailand is a tropical country with close to 365 days of sunshine so light clothing, swimming gear, sport shoes, and slippers are recommended. It is also advisable to bring some smart casual clothing with long trousers for man and a long skirt of a female for entering the Grand Palace and other temples and palaces. It is a protocol that a female visitor is required to wear a long skirt below the knee and a male visitor to wear long trousers with shoes when entering any palaces or royal temples. Sun block, insect repellant, hat, sun glasses, and a small flash light are also recommended. Light warm clothing such as a wind breaker or a light jersey may be needed during November to January during the cool season, especially for visitors who are planning to travel north or northeast.  If any of the items are forgotten, the items can also be easily purchased at the local store or malls. Don’t bring too much as it is most likely that visitors will end up buying a lot of things to take home. Many visitors packed old clothes to wear during the vacation and to throw them away after the usage to make space for an entire new purchase.