Is Thailand crime safe?

Just as in other countries, visitors should avoid dark alleyways, walking in a less populated area during the night, wearing jewelry or expensive items, and ladies should keep their handbag close to themselves. Thailand is generally safe. There are tourist police who are specialised to assist foreigners.  They are stationed in all tourist areas of Thailand. Accommodation do provide safety deposit box. In hotels and resorts, the safety deposit box is located inside the wardrobe where guests can set up their own pin number. However it is advisable to be cautious of the valuable items when walking in a crowded place such as the market and on the public transport.

Does Thailand has any dangerous animals and insects?

Dangerous animals and insects can be found in the rain forests. When entering the forest area, it is important to listen carefully to the guide and follow their instructions. Animals are scared of humans and they will flee rather than attack. In some areas there are wild monkeys especially in some temples, old historical buildings, and the mangrove forests. Although they are cute and tempting to touched, it is advised that they should be left alone and visitors should not try to draw their attention or aggravate them as they are considered as wild. However, they will not attack in normal circumstances.

When travelling on a train, is it safe to leave the luggage while on the train?

All belongings to be well locked. Keep valuables in a separate smaller bag which should be brought inside the sleeping berth. Theft on the train is often committed by other foreigners who are on the same carriage.

How much liquid is allowed for the hand carry bag when travelling on the plane?

Liquid items including perfume, cream, and shampoo should not exceed 100ml per each package and totaling not over one litre. For used, or nearly emptied items, in a 100ml packaging is considered as a 100ml package. Any items exceeding the limit must be thrown away. Therefore, it is advised that all liquid toiletries should be packed away in the luggage for loading.