What are the do's and don'ts in Thailand?

The royal family of Thailand is highly respected by the Thai people, any act of disrespect to the royal family is considered as the highest offense and could lead to serious trouble.  This includes making jokes, rude comments or stepping on banknotes or coins as there is a picture of the king on them.  There are two anthems that is played daily in Thailand.  The National Anthem is played twice daily, at 8am and 6pm.  When hearing the National Anthem, the Thai will stop their activities to stand up to the National Anthem until it is finished.  The Royal Anthem will be played at the beginning of movies, theatres, concerts which everyone is expected to rise until it is finished.  It is also a taboo to touch people on the head as the head is considered as the highest part of the body and must be treated with respect.  In the contrary, the foot is the lowest part of the body and it is considered as a great offense to use the foot, or any part of the foot, to point to something or point the foot towards someone or resting it on a chair or table.  When visiting palaces and temples, visitors should dress appropriately to show respect.  Visitors with sleeveless top, shorts, or ¾ trousers will not be allowed to enter these sacred grounds.  Climbing or taking inappropriate pictures with the Buddha statue is considered as a great offense.  Only the right hand is used for giving and receiving things or two hands are fine.  The using the left hand alone can be considered as an offense.