Successful Social Media networks

The Best Western chain of hotels has ?On the Go with Amy?. This is a travel blog by Amy Graff who shares her traveling experiences in? America weaving Best Western into her blog. This kind of travel blog obviously requires the attention of full time staff.? Best Western is well suited to establish this Social Media network. It is a national hotel chain whose market is the value driven family traveler.? May Graff fits that mode perfectly.? Another feature to remember in tourism marketing is to increase the customer stay, (from 1 day to a few, from a week to several; from several weeks to a month or more and so on). ?On the go with Amy accomplishes this by enticing the tourist with the many things she saw and did.? Brand loyalty is built by wrapping the company brand around the service of Best Western, a reasonably priced family hotel.? Another success story with Social Media is member driven.

Marmara is a travel agency with resorts throughout the Mediterranean.? There customer base is loyal.? As such the establishment of a membership driven Social Media called ?ClubMarmara?.? Member of ?ClubMarmara? are provided with a profile page fro which they share their travel experiences.?? They can upload photos and comment on their and other club member vacations. The point being that a Club Marmara member can experience the Marmara resort even when not there & share in other Marmara resort vacations.?? A potential down side to this social network is the club member may become saturated and seek another destination.? The tourism traveler is constantly seeking different things to see and do.? However if they read about other things done from the same resort experience then there is a big upside.? The bottom line is brand loyalty is rewarded, you area Club Marmara member.

Another member driven Social Media program is offered by Quantas. ??TravelInsider? is proved to its frequent flyers where members share their travel experiences, from flying to arriving, to where they stayed, and what they did. Quantas ?TravelInsider? is only available to frequent flyers. ?Remember Parato?s 80/20 rule that eighty (80%) of your business comes from twenty (20%) of your customers.? Certainly Quantas frequent flyers are their best customers.? ?TravelInsider? keeps them engaged with Quantas, keeps them loyal.?

Social networks, like ?TravelInsider?and ?ClubMarmara?, require oversight and potential censorship. This may be contracted out or relatively easily monitored compared to the management of ?On the Go with Amy?. Each company need to a serious cost benefit analysis, weighing the measures of engagement sought by your site against the cost of maintenance.? Thus, most retail tourism operators in Thailand experience the Social Media as a responder rather than as an initiator.