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Your Connection to Tourism in Thailand is a one-stop resource, delivering news and event, research, online training, and marketing intelligent information to corporate travel planners.

Access your market share, whether you are a Buyer or Supplier, connects your business to a worldwide database of the most reputable tourism businesses, trade shows and timely tourism information.

Travel agency members receive regular inquiries and bookings through Know of the tours; know the locations; know the events through.

Many hotels & resorts benefit through membership in, whether a golf resort, luxury hotel, spa or the many other supplier member that expands their businesses through

Your tourism Trade Event is better known through Events are categorized many different ways to ensure your event is marketed effectively and thoroughly.

And best of all as an Official Tourism Authority of Thailand (T.A.T.) directory membership is FREE

New Features at include:

Trade Directory
The Trade Directory contains information on more than 3,000 tourism businesses. Supplier and Buyers are categorized many different ways for ease of access. Contact information contains all essential information.

Online Training
Customer service is the number one driver of customer satisfaction and repeat business. offers comprehensive online training in tour planning that is certain to increase customer satisfaction and thus your bottom line profitability.

Major Trade Events
Don?t miss out on any opportunity to increase sales at Trade Events, next door or worldwide. Trade Events provide targeted exposure to your market segment. Stay informed through
PLUS many more exciting new products and services at including a Marketing Snapshot, Trade News, Trade Events, Itinerary, E-Brochures, and many more.
Your Connection to Tourism in Thailand

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